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In den frühen 2000er Jahren befand ich mich im Besitz meiner eigenen Domain und begann damit, sein Inhalt weiterzuentwickeln. Damals waren Websites eine Sammlung von Bildern, die mit digitalem Kleber von Dreamweaver zusammengeklebt waren. Heute wird die gesamte Benutzeroberfläche der Website durch codierte Eingabe generiert mittels einer HTML-Vorlage, mit CSS dekoriert und mit JavaScript animiert. Diese Seite dient als eine rückstrahlung meinen Übergang zur Webcode-Kompetenz im Jahr 2020 wider.

  • Staatsangehörigkeit: Englisch
  • Sprachen:
    • Deutsch: B2/C1
    • Englisch: Muttersprache
  • Anschrift: 1060 Wien, Österreich
  • GSVA Nr: 5675 220370
  • Interessen: Gym, Tauchen, Hiking.
  • D3 Data Visualisations - New York University: Jänner-Juni 2021
  • Node.JS, MongoDB, Electron, React & Heroku: April-Mai 2021
  • Next.js, React & Firebase: März-Juni 2021
  • React Complete Guide: Aug 2020 - Mai 2021
  • Front End, Fullstack & React Certifications - LinkedIn: April 2020 - Mai 2021
  • VueJS 3 Complete Guide w/ Router, Vuex, Composition API: Juni-Dezember 2020
  • React Native - The Practical Guide: Nov-Dez 2020
  • Copes Backend JavaScript Bootcamp: Juni - Okt 2020
  • Google IT Support Specialization - Coursera: März - Juni 2020
  • Front End Libraries - Mai 2020
  • Google Python Crash Course - Coursera: April 2020
  • JS Algorithms & Data Structures - März 2020
  • Responsive Web Design - Februar 2020


R. Crumb

Crumb Tribute Page

The first task requested by the freeCodeCamp was to create a tribute page. I've always been fascinated by Robert's ability to capture and display personality with his drawings.

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Survey Form

Bootstrap Survey Form

The second task requested by the freeCodeCamp was to create a survey form. The purpose being to demonstrate the variety of input fields, check boxes and radio buttons available.

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links and buttons

Technical Doc Page

The third task requested by the freeCodeCamp was technical document page. I used an article from CSS-Tricks about links and buttons in CSS which I thought would be useful.

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Italki Landing Page

Italki Landing Page

The fourth task requested was a product landing page. The choice of company was based on a channel YouTube had suggested to me and seemed a logical choice.

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Peter's Portfolio Page

freeCodeCamp Challenge Page

The fifth task requested by the freeCodeCamp was a personal portfolio page made up of the assignments created for the freeCodeCamp so far.

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calculator image

React Calculator

This task involved recreating a calculator on a HTML page. A kind of science I once thought equal to travelling to the moon involved little more than a day or two of study and input.

quote image

Quote Machine

One of the first React tasks requested by the freeCodeCamp was to create a random quote machine. Just as I was getting used to the three page solution, with React it's all rolled into one.


Drum Machine

This task involved creating a kind of drum machine using React. This task involves linking sounds to actions which serves as a reminder of how fast digital communication is today.


Quality Assurance: Chai testing

Webpage image

Issue Tracker

This task involved rendering an interactive UI for collaboration on tracking issues as the code on which to practise Chai testing.

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Webpage image

Personal Library

This task involved rendering a UI in which one could store book titles as the code on which to practise Chai testing with MongoDB.

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Webpage image

Sudoku Solver

This task involved writing the code which will render a UI which solves a Sudoku puzzle also for the purpose of practising Chai testing.

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NB: These apps are hosted on Heroku's free tier so, PBP.